Faux Fur and Gold Beads

What can I say? I am full of positive thoughts inside me. You feel it when you’re with your friends. Like a lot of friends. On December 17, 2012 we’d be having a Shakespearean play in school so we had to rehearse. Again, I had fun with my awesome Junior year classmates. 🙂


This is basically what I wore to my friend’s house. I opted for comfortable clothes that would make me move freely without awkwardness.



I got these shorts from Forever 21 a month ago. The gold beads gives the elegant look for this piece and the scallop detail.


This black leather bag is too cute for my life along with the keychain hanging. I got it in a bazaar I passed by last week since black can be matched with anything and everything.


I am so in-love with my top. It’s also from Forever 21 which made me feel soft the whole time. The texture and color is very soothing for me. The edges are actually made of leather material as you can see. The necklace is from my mom (as usual).



To finish off the entire look, I chose metallic golden shoes from the SM Department Store. The price was worth it I swear. You should definitely get a pair of your own.


Thank you Maegan Hinolan for the photos!

Deleted some blog posts again. This happens to be the 4th one which still exists haha. Will make it up next year I guess? Cheers! 🙂


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