Sulong Pilipinas

You’d probably wonder why “Sulong Pilipinas” is the title of my blog. Actually, this is the title of the song I composed together with a friend, Seonna Aligada.

I deleted my old WordPress account. Currently and permanently I would be using this so keep track I guess? Thank you! Anyway, I tried my best getting myself up from bed at an early morning just to watch the game between SSC vs. Poveda. Afterwards, was our bonding and rehearsal.

This was the outfit I decided to wear as soon as I opened my closet.


I chose to be in a kind of sophisticated look without too much accessories. I just used a pair of earrings, a ring and my all time favorite cross necklace.


This Sheer Floral Top from Topshop looked stylish enough paired with black jeggings. An animal-printed tube was worn underneath to spice up the look! Despite the hot weather, I was able to manage wearing it all day!


My shoes from S Perry perfectly matched my top & bottom clothes, giving my feet comfort throughout the stressful day. It would be better to wear these instead of killer heels!


I bought this bag yesterday from Sophie Martin Paris for only 1390 pesos. Cheap but still classy!


Thanks to the awesome photographer, Maegan Hinolan!


And to Nikki Pangan for the camera!



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